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Search engines are getting smarter day by day by updating their algorithms making it tough for the websites with rubbish and poor content to be ranked in. So it’s time to stop the habit of writing only for search engines, to look for relevant keywords, to write reader friendly content and to be promotional in the resource box. It’s wise to publish the articles without much keywords and that follows Google’s guideline after algorithm changes. Keeping in writing to provide more information to the readers can help to get more traffic.

article-marketingArticle marketing is no longer just writing keyword stuffed articles and sending them to several article directories and hoping to get website visitors. Posting numerous articles on article directories used to be very effective in sending readers to websites, but it no longer is. Search engines are smarter now. They have sifted through a large amount of content and separated rubbish from the good stuff. So if you have a website and you want it to gain good ranking, you should start writing informative, user-friendly, and useful content.

Stop the habit of writing for search engines.

Google has penalized websites with bad content. Bad content could be anything from keyword rich articles to duplicate content. There are many ways to write bad content. You can spin an original article and turn it into several tens of similar but substandard articles. Place links in these articles and you have numerous backlinks. This used to be a clever way to be seen by search engines. Another way to create bad content is to fill an article with too many keywords that it doesn’t make sense anymore. You cannot do these things anymore.

Look for relevant keywords.

Article marketing is not just about writing good articles. It is also about writing articles that people want to read. People want to read something that is informative and offers something that helps them solve an issue. But do not write aimlessly. When planning to write content, do keyword research to find out what search terms are popular. These are the terms people usually type in the search box to find corresponding content. Be careful when choosing keywords. Choose keywords that are relatively popular but don’t have high competition. Write content based on these keywords and keep keywords density below 2%.

Publish articles to authority content sites.

Most article directories have become somewhat content curation sites. They now assess articles submitted to them and approve only those that follow guidelines. The guidelines are in line with Google’s changes in algorithm. Basically, if you write unique articles without too many keywords and grammar and spelling mistakes, your articles will easily get approved.

Make your articles reader friendly.

Use subheadings. Readers usually scan an article first before reading it. Readers can quickly grasp an article by looking at the title and subheadings. Make paragraphs short. Use bullets to enumerate ideas. All these will please readers. What’s the purpose of article marketing if readers don’t get any further than your first few sentences?

Be a little bit promotional in the resource box.

Content sites never allow promotional content, but they allow writers to promote their websites in a resource or bio box. This is where you introduce yourself and your business. If readers like your article and get to the end of it, they will then see your resource box. Happy readers may just click the link to your website.

Keep writing.

Do not stop after 10 or 20 articles. Keep writing not because you need to have more backlinks, but you need to provide more information to your readers from time to time. You may need to review new products or explain new services or talk about new developments in the industry that could be beneficial to your customers. As much as you would like to get more traffic, you also should offer visitors something worth their one minute.

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