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Targeted Website Traffic with eHow

With more than 65 million visitors, eHow has become a popular article directory which is very helpful to drive targeted traffic to the marketed website. Before posting any article, there’s just needed some customization according to eHow standards like – writing SEO content, avoiding plagiarism, using a ‘how-to’ title. The submitted article needs to follow the specific format set by eHow. So with eHow, a well construction of an article can generate targeted traffic with quality backlinks.

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Targeted Website Traffic with StumbleUpon

In these days, one of the most interesting social media sites is StumbleUpon which is said, by experts, the adversary of Facebook. This site allows its user to discover web pages, articles, images, and other types of content as well as to vote on the content suggestions. Just a simple sign up needed to be a ‘stumbler’. The further scope is to promote any website with a chance of getting engaged with other social media channels with an addition of catching targeted traffic.

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Targeted Website Traffic with Yahoo Answers

Yahoo Answers is one of the most useful platforms for getting targeted traffic with quality backlink. It’s done by simply answering the questions related to different topics and the backlinks are placed with the answer. There are huge questions which can be found by searching with keywords as the same way that people searches anything online. So this is just not only to answer the questions to solve people’s problems but also to generate targeted traffic by back linking the targeted website.

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Targeted Website Traffic with VIMEO

Most of the people who are using internet like much to search for catchy videos in different sites that let people to share and watch videos for free. VIMEO is one of the most popular among them by which anyone can make more money by increasing his business. Posting videos must be included keywords, appropriate title and relative content which represent the targeted website properly. The another effective technique to make your profile discoverable is joining various groups and staying in contact with other members by sharing relative comments with people and other videos. This can draw audience back to your profile which in turn increases the traffic to your website.

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Targeted Website Traffic with Tumblr

One of the most visited social media websites having a large number everyday visitor is Tumblr. It’s the most effective and a great platform for micro blogging which plays very important role in driving more traffic by ranking up your website. There needed just some requirements to post in Tumblr such as – choosing right keywords, creating Tumblr blog, keeping it updated and adding proper tags to the post. A little technique is to customize the blog to make more attractive. Plain website brings less traffic whereas websites with better look containing convenient background and attractive content brings more.

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Targeted Website Traffic with Flickr

A proper marketing agenda to gain attention to any business online is to publicize it and make it discoverable online. The scope is given by Flickr which is quite reputed having more than a half million registered users to come in search of catchy pictures and funky videos every day. The way of driving more traffic to the targeted website by Flickr includes using relevant image containing water mark and backlink, using keywords in the image title and adding thoughtful description with image. Using original image with catchy title can attract people who would become a great source of website traffic by clicking on the image.

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Targeted Website Traffic with Delicious

One of the greatest website perks and most effective websites to increase direct targeted traffic, having a large number of targeted visitors is Delicious. It allows anyone not only to store their bookmarks online which can be shared but also to be beneficiary by using its features. Creating a complete profile, adding people to the contact list and sharing the targeted bookmarks can drive huge traffic to the website and this is only the matter of a single week. To build up a strong profile, it’s wise to add a lot of people to contacts and to join with the people who have strong profile. Acting gentle by showing your sense of humour can be the best way to attract people as well as to catch targeted traffic to website.

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Targeted Website Traffic with Reddit

In order to get more traffic in a website without paying to ad companies, it’s one of the most effective ways to use Reddit which has millions of users and over 2 billion views per month. Promoting websites in Reddit brings expected results within a couple of months and the effect is long lasting. It’s wise to create an account with your name or under your website name to avoid to be considered as a spammer. To post attractive content and using Subreddits, which holds over 20,000 users, can make a heavy flow of traffic to the targeted website.

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Targeted Website Traffic with Social Bookmarking

The key places on the web for the marketers and optimizers are the Social Bookmarking sites which have specific benefits for SEO as Google indexes contents on Social Bookmarking sites regularly. Posting contents on sites like digg, delicious or reddit can result of showing the content or webpage by Google which can bring hundreds of viewers daily. The posting techniques on Social Bookmarking sites include adding relevant tags, providing valuable information and checking Meta Tags. As the competitors also do this, it’s important to do this regularly to gain expected web traffic.

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Targeted Website Traffic with Your Signature

In generating targeted traffic, a much more effective way is to use Signature which is not just a form of identification but a trick to attract people and enticing them to click on the website. It helps to gain targeted visibility online and to straighten online campaign for accomplishing the goal. Making an effective signature includes combining it with contact info and homepage link, showing the people to the website blog and promoting upcoming events by modifying the autograph. To make the marketing more effective, it’s also recommended to connect the blog with social media networks like Facebook and Twitter pages and to promote links to YouTube product demos.

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