Effects of Google Panda and Penguin on SEO – Part 2

See Part 1 here: Effects of Google Panda and Penguin on SEO – Part 1

In order to give people something of value, Panda and Penguin algorithms are constantly being updated without prior notice. It seems that Google rivals the SEO strategies with these two updates but the actual fact is that the updates emphasised on some important factors. This motivated the webmasters to use unique contents in their websites, to avoid excessive content and ensured high quality of search result. Giving the real value to the actual and high quality websites, these updates also improved their page ranks to provide the best to the searchers.

Google-Panda-Penguin-300x210Google continues to improve search results by making sure that the most relevant and the best web pages earn the highest ranking. Panda and Penguin algorithms are constantly being updated without prior notice. The implications on SEO have been immense. Companies have to alter their approach in optimizing their websites to achieve better rankings or to stay on their spot in search results.

Emphasis on Unique Content

Remember that Panda is different from Penguin. The former targets pages with poor content, and by poor content, we mean duplicate, spun, or senseless keyword stuffed articles. One bad repercussion of this was that websites who reuse content were penalized as well.

Playing Down Aggressive Link Building

Penguin targets backlinking activities. Websites that rely solely on unnatural backlinking practices have been hit hard by this algorithm, which by the way gets updated frequently and precludes excessive link building strategies.

It is hard to pin down these changes. You have to observe changes in the rankings. You have to observe changes in search results. You also have to monitor whether your current search engine optimization strategies are working. Google does not update webmasters regarding these sudden changes. Oftentimes, you just have to see the effects and infer the changes from these effects.

Minimizing SEO?

It seems Google is against SEO. Remember that optimization has been patterned after studying and understanding the algorithms. How people optimized their websites largely depended on their knowledge on how search engines, particularly Google, rank websites. Changes in algorithms precede changes in optimization strategies, all in the name of getting more targeted traffic.

Google seems to urge website owners to build pages with excellent content and websites with easy navigation design and do nothing else. It is as though you can just continue making content and expect visitors to come. However, websites can languish below the ranks without actively driving traffic to them.

If you look at it closely, Google is not really after SEO. It urges webmasters to change their approach in putting their websites on top of search results. The most popular search engine wants websites to earn the interest of visitors. We are already seeing user-centered algorithms. Google monitors how well pages are being shared online. How much the pages are being shared depends on their relevance and their value to users.

Giving Real Value

The goal of marketers and webmasters now should be to come up with audience-centered approaches, not search-engine-centered strategies. Good content again takes the center stage. Learning what information your audience seeks is crucial. Hence, looking for the right keywords to use is still important, perhaps even more important now, because you have to know what your audience is looking for and what type of information they need. It’s important to build fresh content around these keywords, but not to overuse them in content.

Content marketing and syndication are even more important now that aggressive link building is already frowned at. These are how you build links now—valued links. Social media serves a greater purpose for marketers and SEOs now. New blog posts and press releases should be shared on social media and emailed to subscribers. Posting professional comments on forums and blogs is also highly recommended as well as guest posting on blogs.

See Part 1 here: Effects of Google Panda and Penguin on SEO – Part 1

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