SEO Strategy in the Aftermath of Google Panda and Penguin

To give internet searchers a better experience and to provide pages relevant to search by improving the quality of search results, Google changed its algorithm by applying Panda and Penguin updates. These updates penalized the websites containing poor contents and irrelevant backlinks which have made it very tough to survive in the Search competition. So webmasters have to concentrate on diversifying the contents to give it a high quality, avoiding unnatural anchor text and choosing the right keywords. Building social networks with the use of Facebook, Twitter, GooglePlus or lInkedIn is a must. It’s highly effective to build backlinks from relevant sources rather than to buy links.

google_rimgIs Google trying to snuff out SEO altogether by constantly changing its algorithms? Although it seems the largest search engine is now doing anti-SEO updates, what it really does is improve the quality of search results to give internet searchers a better experience and to provide pages relevant to what they are searching. How should webmasters respond to these changes?

Produce diverse content.

The mistake of many webmasters not so long ago was write similar content and spread them on the internet or write one article and spin it to produce multiple articles, which are all essentially the same and of little quality (due to inaccuracies during spinning). These articles are usually used for link building purposes. You come up with multiple backlinks but don’t provide quality material for readers. Search engines frown at this practice now.

Avoid unnatural anchor text.

Gone are the days when webmasters can simply use keyword-stuffed anchor text just to generate targeted traffic. Google Penguin 2.0 demands the use of anchor text that flows naturally within the text and does not appear as if it was purposely placed there.

Do not buy links.

Link buying no longer works. You cannot buy a thousand links to help your website’s ranking on Google. In fact, doing so may harm your site’s ranking. You should concentrate on building backlinks from relevant sources.

Make sure your sites have high quality content.

Panda updates demand that you keep your website be filled with content that is worth your visitors’ time. Panda can penalize your entire website if it has sections with poor content. It discourages website owners from producing sites with similar content. Sites with several low quality pages have been kicked out of their ranks and were demoted. Google rewards people who work hard to produce websites with valuable content.

Choose the right keywords.

Do keyword research to find out words that people usually type when looking for information in your niche. When deciding what keywords to use, think of the popularity of keywords (how many searches are made using that keyword a month?) and competition rate (how many websites are using the same keyword?). Small businesses should choose low or medium competition keywords, which are usually long tail keywords, which contain three, four, or five words. Use these keywords to generate content. Do not use them excessively to optimize content.

Build your social networks.

Facebook, Twitter, GooglePlus, and LinkedIn are not just social media sites where you can create your profile and talk about how fun it is to sip cappuccino and help yourself to pastry outdoors. Clever businessmen have exploited these online venues to promote their businesses. You can promote your website on these places, albeit smartly. Start a fan page or a company profile and share interesting content. If you are doing it right, you will get more traffic soon.

What is more important is that Google is also looking at how much your content is being shared online. The more people that view and share your content online, the more visible it becomes on SERPs.

Google Panda and Penguin updates are all about building authority and recognition the right way, not the clandestine way using bought links.

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