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Targeted Website Traffic with eHow

With more than 65 million visitors, eHow has become a popular article directory which is very helpful to drive targeted traffic to the marketed website. Before posting any article, there’s just needed some customization according to eHow standards like – writing SEO content, avoiding plagiarism, using a ‘how-to’ title. The submitted article needs to follow the specific format set by eHow. So with eHow, a well construction of an article can generate targeted traffic with quality backlinks.

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Targeted Website Traffic with Guest Blogging

To increase the number of quality backlinks of any website, to increase its ranking by using effective techniques and to generate targeted traffic, it’s very wise to use the Guest Blogging. It can be successfully done by finding a blog for guest blogging and it’s wise to find at least five blogs related to anyone’s niche. In order to post in Guest Blogging, some factors must have to be considered which are to choose the topics wisely, writing original topics and including signature. Finally all who uses Guest Blogging can get quality backlinks with a huge traffic driven to his website.

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Targeted Website Traffic with Forums

A very successful way of exposing the products and services is using Forums to get more people to visit the website. The technique includes finding relative forums, joining the forums and setting up account and asking for critical assessment. It can also be very useful to ask market about their needs. This will make people to like your profile with conducting your website. So the more you come to close conduct with people, the more it will create chance to make them covetous to hire the services and buy the products.
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Targeted Website Traffic with Social Bookmarking

The key places on the web for the marketers and optimizers are the Social Bookmarking sites which have specific benefits for SEO as Google indexes contents on Social Bookmarking sites regularly. Posting contents on sites like digg, delicious or reddit can result of showing the content or webpage by Google which can bring hundreds of viewers daily. The posting techniques on Social Bookmarking sites include adding relevant tags, providing valuable information and checking Meta Tags. As the competitors also do this, it’s important to do this regularly to gain expected web traffic.

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Targeted Website Traffic with Digg

With a high page rank, Digg has become one of the most popular social news websites, allowing people to post content with higher chances of appearing on search results. To make a successful result, there’s needed some tactics like staying on top of the page, choosing the right time to post, choosing right topic and regularly posting articles and comments as when necessary. Another important reminder for using Digg is to write fresh and interesting post as well as to Digg other content for being connected with other members. It’s one of those which weren’t negatively hit by Google algorithm updates and its users can get a risen number of their website visitors.

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Targeted Website Traffic with Authority Blogs

In addition of being a vital aspect of search engine optimization, Authority Blogs has become one of the most effective strategies to attain targeted traffic. The tricks are to choose the blog posts that are interesting to the targeted audience and to post comments that attract the readers. It’s a challenge to find out relevant blogs which are do-follow because not all interesting blogs are to be commented on for SEO purposes. There is needed a blog of your won and posting with reader-friendly valuable comments. It’s also important to post comments in most friendly way that doesn’t antagonize the blog owners.

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Targeted Website Traffic with Google Plus

Despite of not being as popular as Facebook or Twitter, Google Plus is highly effective for the websites to be top in the searches as Google values posts on its own social media. It’s most effective strategy is to make a big network with the use of Facebook or Twitter by inviting the friends or announcing social media page. Choosing appropriate keywords, sharing attractive contents and updating the posts daily are must for getting targeted traffic. People of different circles, created earlier in Google Plus, can be targeted to send updated information or blog details.

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Targeted Website Traffic with Slideshare

SlideShare, the popular content marketing site, can make SEO campaigns effective as it allows to post and share high quality content that can generate targeted traffic. Customizing the existing content can upturn the interest of readers and linking the content with blog or website can make a good result for searches. A little trick is to build good connections with other related affiliate websites by putting their links into the own blog rather than to compete them.

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Targeted Website Traffic with Press Releases

A very effective way and one of the tricky methods is using press releases for marketing any business website. Some strategies are required to follow which are to choose worthy news, to talk about the special events and to submit to high PR websites. For a release submission, there’s also needed keyword research and following proper format for writing content. Free keyword tools of Google or MSN can help for the right keywords that is very effective on search results.

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SEO Strategy in the Aftermath of Google Panda and Penguin

To give internet searchers a better experience and to provide pages relevant to search by improving the quality of search results, Google changed its algorithm by applying Panda and Penguin updates. These updates penalized the websites containing poor contents and irrelevant backlinks which have made it very tough to survive in the Search competition. So webmasters have to concentrate on diversifying the contents to give it a high quality, avoiding unnatural anchor text and choosing the right keywords. Building social networks with the use of Facebook, Twitter, GooglePlus or lInkedIn is a must. It’s highly effective to build backlinks from relevant sources rather than to buy links.

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