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In addition of being a vital aspect of search engine optimization, Authority Blogs has become one of the most effective strategies to attain targeted traffic. The tricks are to choose the blog posts that are interesting to the targeted audience and to post comments that attract the readers. It’s a challenge to find out relevant blogs which are do-follow because not all interesting blogs are to be commented on for SEO purposes. There is needed a blog of your won and posting with reader-friendly valuable comments. It’s also important to post comments in most friendly way that doesn’t antagonize the blog owners.

targeted-website-traffic-authority-blogAuthority blog commenting is one of the many strategies to gain traffic. Some bloggers find it cumbersome, but others see it as a vital aspect of search engine optimization. There are disadvantages and advantages, and it’s important to look at the two sides.

Not all blogs are worth commenting on

One of the tricky things about blog commenting is the search for interesting blog posts, and such is sometimes a challenging venture. If you are wondering why this step is important, think of the number of possible readers a dull blog post can have. A poor article will not hold readers for long. Before they can reach the end of it, they have clicked out of the page. It takes an interesting piece of writing to make readers read the entire content and possibly read the comments as well.

Another challenge for bloggers and webmasters wanting to comment on blogs for traffic generation is looking for do-follow blogs, because these are blogs that allow link authority. Many interesting blogs are no-follow blogs, and commenting on these sites may be compelling but futile for your campaign.

So clearly you have to filter blogs in three ways. First, look for do-follow blogs. Second, look for interesting blog posts that your audience are most likely to read. Third, and perhaps most importantly, is look for related blogs. You cannot comment on all interesting blog posts for SEO purposes. In this case, you have to search for blogs in your niche.

Google indexes comments on blogs, and you are in luck if you comment on authority blogs because you can get good inbound links. In addition, optimized comments can turn up in searches.

You need a blog of your own

Readers who find your comment interesting will click that link to learn more from you. If you take them to your website right away, they will learn about your business, but they won’t learn about your expertise. Blogs are where you write for your audience. Blog readers generally look for information—not for brand. So take the product promotion easy.

Add value in the comments

Reader-friendly comments are encouraged. How do you make your comments reader-friendly? One is through writing comments that are relevant to the topic; otherwise your comments will be marked as spam. This was a common mistake of many SEOs in the past. They littered forums and blog comments with spam to promote themselves.

Adding relevant points to ones already discussed in the blog post is another recommended step. As long as you make your feedback useful to other readers, you will get their approval and perhaps get views to your own blog. More importantly, you may also get the attention of the blogger, who may also visit your blog and possibly recommend some of your interesting posts to their readers, helping you gain traffic in return.

Do not antagonize the owner

No matter how much you disagree with the blogger on his points, it is important to keep your cool in your comment and say your disagreement, if you deem necessary, in the most friendly way so that you don’t offend the blog owner and their loyal following.

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