Targeted Website Traffic with Facebook

Did you honestly think that you can start a Facebook fan page for your website and then tell people to visit your site? No, it doesn’t work that way. If it does, a lot of business people would have seen tremendous traffic. People on social media hate egotists, so don’t be one of them. Converting Facebook traffic to targeted website traffic is tricky and is only possible through a carefully structured strategy.

Balancing Promotion and Information

facebook-likeEndless self-promotion annoys Facebook users. Sure, you have to promote your business, but do it once in a while and do it smartly. Being on the social network does not necessarily give you license to exploit all opportunities for promoting your website. To ask people to go to your website is not only ineffective but also irritating. You cannot get more targeted traffic to your website this way.

What should you tell people on Facebook? The About section of your fan page tells your followers what your business or organization is, so do not repeat the same information on any message you post to update your status. Instead, provide them fresh information, which may be anything from an event you are planning to hold or an interesting news item related to your business.

Sharing Content from Other Social Media Platforms

The great thing about social media is they can be interconnected. You can share your latest blog post or recently uploaded video on YouTube on your Facebook. This works chiefly in two ways. First, people think you are a proactive business owner. Second, people get to learn more about you and your endeavor. The next thing you know you are getting targeted traffic from different places.

Engaging Your Audience

The main purpose of social media is to foster three-way interaction, which you can exploit for your own advantage. Ask questions. Seek the people’s opinion. Talk to them, and then let them talk back to you and discuss among themselves. This is a great way to make people interested in your page, because you are offering them more than your brand. You are offering them the freedom to express themselves. It makes them feel important.

More importantly, when people comment on your post, the post appears on the news feeds of their friends. So, more people get to know you. And if you start an interesting point for discussion, you get more people going to your page and, eventually, your website. This is a clever way to get website visitors.

Posting Photos and Videos

Facebook put higher value on photos and videos than on plain text status messages. This is why they tend to appear on top of news feeds. If it is possible to include a photo in every post, do so. Photos or videos also attract more viewers, as people tend to just go over plain messages. Photos could be anything from event posters or snapshots of recently concluded event. You can also post product demos, video reviews, or instructional guide for solving a problem through using your product.

Updating Frequently

Post new content daily. Facebook users on average have a few hundred friends, a lot of whom remain active and post regularly. Your post easily disappears from their news feeds, as new posts from everyone else push yours down the screen.

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