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Although there’s not as much as Facebook or twitter, Foursquare has a substantial number of users which have made it very useful in social media marketing. Foursquare is actually a location based social networking site which helps its users, who are looking for companies, to search and find which in turn make a great way to get more traffic to the marketed website or business. It’s required to specify a location, have a complete profile, offer freebies and rewards and create special events to gain desired target. An effective result can be attained by giving the business a location near a non-competing business to give them a plug with the addition of being plugged by them.

targeted-website-traffic-foursquareThere are different ways you can use Foursquare to drive traffic to your website. Foursquare does not have as much following as Facebook or Twitter, but it does have substantial number of users, enough to make it useful in social media marketing. The best thing about it is it allows you to check in to businesses and provide feedback, thereby helping other users who are looking for companies in town. This is actually good if you are running a store, boutique, restaurant, or salon. With foursquare, your customers can locate you and find out what other people are saying about you.

Specify your location

The first thing you do on the social network is to specify your location. After all, it is a location-based online network. Business owners with several branches should register all business locations by verifying them in bulk, so there is no need to register each location. Claiming your locations is important because that’s one way people know where your business is in town.

Complete your profile

Like most social media sites, you have to complete your foursquare profile before seeing its full benefits. How do you set up your profile? You start by briefly describing your business and providing basic information about it, such as the hours of operation and contact information. You should also put link to your Facebook and Twitter accounts, so visitors can check out your social media pages and start following you. If you are doing this right, you should see more website traffic.

Offer freebies and rewards

Many businesses provide rewards to people who frequently checks in to their location on foursquare. Users can get free drinks or goodies this way. Businesses can use this strategy to gain more clicks and more visits to their locations. There are different ways for this to work. One is you can offer discounts to loyal customers. Another is you can provide freebies for those who check in to your business location during certain days of the week or during special occasions. This attracts more people to check in and possibly leave feedback. Having more people means more feedback, hopefully positive feedback (so treat them right).

Create special events

You can host events exclusive for your Foursquare network. Post details of this event on your Twitter or Facebook. You can also update your customers about the event on your blog. Many users prefer posting details of their upcoming events on Instagram, which makes use of user data on Foursquare. Creating special business days is also an opportunity for you to entice customers with great deals and promos, which are not available on any other day. Take them to your website for more details. It’s a great way to get more traffic.

Give your neighbors a plug

This works if your business is located near other non-competing businesses. Some of your visitors may be checking out other shops or stores near yours. You inform people when the best time is to visit these places. This works in two ways. One, it makes your business more favorable because it’s beside other shops. Two, your neighbors may also give you a plug.

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