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Despite of not being as popular as Facebook or Twitter, Google Plus is highly effective for the websites to be top in the searches as Google values posts on its own social media. It’s most effective strategy is to make a big network with the use of Facebook or Twitter by inviting the friends or announcing social media page. Choosing appropriate keywords, sharing attractive contents and updating the posts daily are must for getting targeted traffic. People of different circles, created earlier in Google Plus, can be targeted to send updated information or blog details.

GooglePlus-550x375Using Google Plus to generate web traffic does not take ages. In fact, you can do it in a minute, and once you are done, you can proceed to other ways to market your business on the Internet. It is a no-brainer, and those with average technical skills can handle this job just fine.

Like most social-based site traffic generation schemes, using Google+ is most effective when you have a big network. So, if you only have five contacts on this online venue, I suggest you build your network first.

How do you build our Google+ network?

There are different ways to build your following on Google’s social media. Unfortunately, you cannot import your Facebook friends to Google+ because they are rivals. But you can ask our Facebook fans or likers to add you on Google+. You can also announce your new social media page on Twitter or put your Google+ profile page in the description section of your YouTube videos. If you have been using Gmail for a while and you already have a good number of people in your contact list, add them to any of your circles.

What content should you share?

You can share your blog posts, articles, and YouTube videos on Google Plus, but as much as you come up with creative ways to introduce your content on social media. People do not just click on the link to your latest blog post just because they find it on their feed. If you don’t tickle their senses right there, forget about them coming to your page. You see, getting targeted traffic entails creative ways to attract people’s attention. You can’t be too lucky.

Do not just share new posts. Share also old posts when they become relevant. Last year’s article about winterizing your pool becomes relevant again in November or December. Tips you gave two years ago on spending Valentine’s Day with a date may become appropriate as the fourteenth of February draws near.

People love photos and videos. People are more likely to click on a link if you put a photo and video with it. You can introduce a product review or a how-to guide this way.

Should you update it daily?

Oh, yes, you should. Posting daily is one way to establish your visibility on any social media channel. If you go inactive, people will think you are no longer doing business, and they may start removing you from their circles.

Should you be worried about keywords?

Yes, you should, though not that much as to give you misery every time you wish to post something. All right, here’s the deal. Put your keyword in the first sentence of your G+ post because Google considers this sentence as the title tag. Google indexes blog posts or content shared on G+. Just don’t overload your post with so many keywords that it becomes ridiculous to read.

Keep in mind that your audience will press the G+ button if you provide them worth reading and worth viewing content. Google has been monitoring G+ hits of content shared online.

What else should you do?

Google+ offers a good range of functions. It allows you to sort your contacts in different circles, so you can target your posts to a certain group of people. You can also plan events and invite your audience. Send them to your website or blog for more information. Social media marketing entails creativity. If you fail to come up with innovative ways to keep your followers interested, you won’t last long.

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