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To drive more people to the targeted sites, Instagram allows its users to post relevant and good quality photos. Using photos containing positive message and following some tactics can create expected result. The tactics include using unique and non-stolen photos, adding website related caption and using such photos or photo galleries that introduce the post. As Instagram isn’t designed for driving visitors to the targeted websites so it’s very challenging to do that using Instagram.

instagramAlthough Instagram is already popular among social media enthusiasts, many webmasters are still not familiar with it and are still unaware of the potentials of this photo- and video-sharing social media site in web traffic generation. Using Instagram to drive visitors to your website is challenging, especially because it’s not designed to be used for that purpose. However, it will not hurt to try a few ways.

Post good images.

No one will care about your photos if they are bad or irrelevant. Sometimes it’s hard to come up with a photo that’s worth posting. In this case, it’s better not to post anything at all, lest you will only annoy your viewers. Don’t just take photos of your products. Instead, take photos of situations wherein they are useful. Don’t take photos of your business site, because people don’t care about the architecture of your establishment. Take photos of your staff in corporate attire to send a positive message to your audience. Before you can hope to generate targeted traffic to your website, you have to send a good impression.

Don’t steal other people’s photos.

Just because you found a photo that you can post on your Instagram account doesn’t mean you can download that photo and post it as if it was your own. You can be reported for stealing someone’s creative property. If you find a photo or video that you think is relevant to your business, share it but cite the source.

If you are posting your own images, watermark them with your company name or logo. Professional-looking photos will send a positive message to your viewers. You don’t have to be a professional photographer, but be sure to come up with decent photos. Blurry, noisy, washed out, and underexposed photos can break your campaign.

Take people to your website in your captions.

Now there is one way to get website visitors using Instagram. It’s not just an image sharing site, after all. But don’t put a link for the sake of putting a link. The idea is not necessarily to just get people to your website. Make sure the webpage you send people to is relevant to the image. If not, don’t add it. By the way, your photo caption should make sense, and don’t overload it with keywords.

Use a photo as a means to introduce a blog post.

Sometimes you have a very interesting blog post about a recently concluded event or maybe a product review. Of course, you cannot post the entire content about your photo in the caption. So, instead, you post the photo on Instagram and intrigue your followers by giving a bit of information about and telling them to find out more on the link to your blog post.

Use a photo to introduce a gallery of photos.

This is perfect if you have photos of events, contests, product demos, and how-to guides. You cannot possibly post everything on this photo-sharing social media site, but you can post a photo and tell people to see the entire gallery via a link to the Facebook album or a photo blog. This is a good way of introducing your followers to your other social media channels, eventually driving more people to your website.

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