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One of the popular social media sites is LinkedIn which receives millions of traffic every month and gives professional website owners the advantages of increasing web traffic. It also helps to expand any business by letting the people to connect with other business partners and affiliates. To drive more traffic to the targeted website using a LinkedIn profile, there must be followed some strategies. Creating a detailed profile, creating banners, being a part of communities and being updated on daily basis can be resulted as expectation. Another very clever way is to make blog posts visible to the social media by linking the blog.

LinkedInAuditIf you have created a LinkedIn profile but for some reason have not seen benefits, you could be doing a few things wrong. I see many potential talents and professionals on LinkedIn whose profiles don’t do justice to what they really are capable of. You probably have a great website with nice services and products worth taking a look at, but people are not reaching you. If so, then there are a few things to do with your account to drive targeted traffic to your website.

  1. Give that profile a facelift. – Your profile is like your resume. People click on your LinkedIn account and learn about your profession and skills. Your profile will tell you what you can offer. So, make sure it has juicy details about you or your business. Talk about your company’s goal, mission, products, and services. Highlight business milestones, awards, and recognitions.
  2. Create banners – Prospective clients usually go to the Products & Services section of your profile. This is where you can drive people to your website. Create up to three banners that link to your site. These banners can be used to promote a webinar, a new blog post, consumer feedback, or an instructional video.
  3. Be part of communities – Just like most social media sites, LinkedIn also has communities. Look for communities in your industry or niche and get to know seasoned professionals and experts in the field. Joining communities allow you to tap into a pool of people, many of whom may easily become your followers. Introduce yourself. Engage in conversations. Ask questions. Share your expertise to the newbies. These are how you get website visitors from the social network.
  4. Update daily – What is the purpose of signing up a LinkedIn account if you only leave it to languish? Those aiming at driving web traffic from LinkedIn should do some real work, which includes updating the company profile, making sure visitors see different stuff every day. Visitors easily know whether a company is active and prolific by checking its status from time to time. Update them with what is happening with your business. More than updating your profile, you should also monitor impressions throughout the day and see which time of the day you get the most impressions. Also, monitor what types of posts receive most clicks and shares, so you will eventually figure out what to post to get targeted traffic.
  5. Link your blog – Bloggers who wish their LinkedIn contacts to see their new blog posts should use LinkedIn’s blog app. Business owners usually use their blogs to direct people to their websites. Making blog posts visible on social media is a clever way to get more web traffic.

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