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With almost 50 million users worldwide Pinterest has become one of the most popular bookmarking websites which is a great platform to share photos and videos of products, services or websites. The advantages are huge of using Pinterest to get more visitors. Regular respond to feedback and sharing Pinterest profile to other social media like Facebook or Twitter can be effective. Pinterest also allows people to re-pin content which can increase potential traffic.

pinterest_logo_redOne of the fastest growing social media sites now is Pinterest. It already has nearly 50 million users, who share photos or videos occasionally or regularly. Many webmasters ignore this site in favor of other networks, such as Twitter or Google+, and so they haven’t used this site to potentially increase their own website traffic. What they don’t know is that more people have been spending their time on Pinterest than on both Twitter and Google+.

Essentially, it is a social bookmarking site that allows sharing of images and videos and making connections with other members of the site. Members can share (re-pin) your photo or video. It’s like a different version of Flickr, but Flickr doesn’t allow you to repost content. Flickr only allows “favoriting” images. The fact that Pinterest allows people to re-pin content means it has greater capability in increasing one’s potential traffic. If you think you can’t use this site to drive targeted traffic to your blog or website, think again.

Understanding Its Advantages

Twitter and Facebook are already popular sites, and many business owners have utilized the capabilities of these websites in getting more traffic. Pinterest, however, is the better option if you want to share photos and videos of your products. It’s also an option for you if you have no time to write long blog posts. You can simply upload a photo and write a short caption. They say a picture paints a thousand words. Take heed of this cliche if you’re into online marketing.

Using It to Get More Visitors

Just like what you do on other social media sites, you create connections with your audience. Before you do that, you have to develop your content. Start uploading images with appropriate descriptions. Upload good images. Look at popular images on the site. See how they look like. Take good pictures of your products or services. Also, share interesting and moving videos related to your business. People love to see nice snapshots. Visitors will not give your “pins” another look if they look like they’re taken using a toy camera. Good photos make you earn followers, and speaking of followers, make sure to turn on the “auto follow” feature.

Responding to Feedback

Some users ignore people who post feedback on their pins. This is a bad practice that will make you lose followers. Soon you will have no one posting feedback on your photos. Reading and responding to your audience’s feedback is one way to connect with them. It allows you to be acquainted with what types of content they want and what they are more likely to ignore. This way, you can better plan what images or videos to upload in the future.

Sharing to Social Media

Social media marketing now is just as important as SEO. Visibility on social networks is now considered a gauge of one’s reputation, and one way to gain more visibility on social media is to make use of interconnectivity of many of these networks. You can actually share Pinterest profile or content to Facebook or Twitter. If you have interesting content on this site, then this strategy may work effectively.

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