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SlideShare, the popular content marketing site, can make SEO campaigns effective as it allows to post and share high quality content that can generate targeted traffic. Customizing the existing content can upturn the interest of readers and linking the content with blog or website can make a good result for searches. A little trick is to build good connections with other related affiliate websites by putting their links into the own blog rather than to compete them.

SlideshareSlideShare offers a different way to manage your content. You can put our content on your blog and make people read the entire content in one page, but you can also put it on SlideShare and format it so that readers get a few points at a time. The capabilities of this content site in furthering your SEO campaigns are immense but only if you know what you are doing.

How SlideShare drives traffic?

Business owners have been using this content marketing site to provide content and generate leads. This is possible by putting links in content to direct readers to your website and to convert them to potential customers, but it is not as easy as you think, because you have to be creative with your content. Sometimes it takes a bit of modifying how you present your article if you want to generate targeted traffic. Remember that good content has a high tendency of being shared online.

The best thing about SlideShare it has built a huge reputation and is considered as one of the most reputable content marketing sites. Hence, the potential of this site in boosting your content’s ranking in SERPs is high. With unique and high quality content and the right optimization techniques, your SlideShare presentations can show up in the first page of search results, depending on the keywords you use. As a tip, use long tail keywords, primarily those with moderate competition but are still relevant.

Using Existing Content

Existing articles can be modified to become interesting presentations that are easier to read. Long blog posts can be broken into segments that you can present on different slides. This way, people can easily grasp each point and can understand what you are trying to convey much more easily. Long content can be broken into 15 or 20 points, with each slide having illustrations or graphics, and you will leave your readers happier doing that. This is perhaps a very clever way of informing or educating your consumers.

Linking Your Blog or Website

Since this is content marketing we are talking about, it is crucial that you keep your audience in mind. What type of audience do you have and what kind of information do they want to see? If your viewers like what they see, they are more likely to click to your website. This is why you have to include links because you get targeted traffic this way. Also, mention your social media channels.

Because you want Google to index your presentation and put it in a good spot in SERPs, you have to optimize metadata with keywords relevant to the actual content of the presentation.

What about putting links of affiliate websites? This can be a little tricky. Some people do not do this for the fear of losing traffic to diversion, but it can work if you have built good connections with other related websites (not with competing websites). You can ask these affiliates to link back to you too.

You don’t always have to send people to your website, especially if related content isn’t found on your website. You can send them to a blog post or send them to a YouTube video that has related content. A presentation can also be linked to a previous presentation if both tackle parallel or related topics.

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