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The key places on the web for the marketers and optimizers are the Social Bookmarking sites which have specific benefits for SEO as Google indexes contents on Social Bookmarking sites regularly. Posting contents on sites like digg, delicious or reddit can result of showing the content or webpage by Google which can bring hundreds of viewers daily. The posting techniques on Social Bookmarking sites include adding relevant tags, providing valuable information and checking Meta Tags. As the competitors also do this, it’s important to do this regularly to gain expected web traffic.

targeted-website-traffic-social-bookmarkingBusiness website owners exploit different ways to gain web traffic because more traffic means more potential customers. Experience tells us this is not easy. Social bookmarking sites have been around for quite a while, and they are key places on the web for internet marketers and search engine optimizers. They offer a chance for marketers to promote their websites.

Most website owners want their posts to show up in the first page of social bookmarking sites, but caution should be employed because such an action can lead to tremendous traffic that could crash your site. It doesn’t happen often though, so it shouldn’t cause much worry.

Social bookmarking has specific benefits for SEO. Google indexes content on social bookmarking sites regularly. If you post content on sites like digg, delicious, or reddit, you can expect Google to show your content or web page on search results the next day.

The vast pool of people on these social sites allows any new website to quickly gain readers. When you post your website on many of these sites, you gain tremendous traffic shortly. If you do it regularly, you can expect hundreds of views daily. This is not only good from an SEO standpoint but also from an online marketing standpoint. The idea is increasing your online visibility. Submitting your web pages on social sites will increase readership and clicks to your site. More importantly, your website will gain higher spots in SERPs than those that did not employ this strategy.

One problem with social bookmarking is your competitors are doing it too.

How do you raise your odds of making this tactic successful?

Include relevant tags

Tagging is basic in blogging and search engine optimization. Tags somehow tell readers what the information you share online is about. But do not just put tags for the sake of having them in your posts. Newbies make this mistake of including even unrelated tags to their posts. Only write tags relevant to the post. More importantly, tags should be the keywords and other related terms.

Do it regularly

Indeed, keeping traffic coming needs continuous effort. Your competitors are probably on social sites trying to obtain traffic too. If you stop ever for a while, they may take your spot and you will lose substantial number of visitors. SEOs do not stop once the websites they are trying to build links to reach the high spots in SERPs. In other words, many websites are competing to gain a spot in the first page of SERPs.

Provide valuable information

Again, the importance of providing value cannot be overemphasized. No matter how many social sites you register as a member on, if the content you submit to these sites are not unique and are useless, you will eventually lose traffic. With new developments in search engine algorithms, it’s crucial to produce unique and useful content, most especially if you plan to put it out on social bookmarking sites.

Check your metatags

Your title and description tell your audience what your blog post or article is about in a jiffy. As much as you optimize the title and description for search engines, you should also make them reader-friendly. They should give away the gist of your content.

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