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To generate targeted website traffic it’s very effective to use Squidoo which is a free content hosting website holding a high page rank. To take people to own website it’s required to create contents which are keyword optimized and worth reading. Promoting Squidoo pages to the social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus or linkedIn can bring expected result. As people stay longer on pages containing pictures, videos or audio recordings, it’s wise to use them in own website and to use Squidoo to represent own video on YouTube.

squidoo-logoSEO and online marketing newbies usually ask me how to use Squidoo to generate web traffic. Of course, you have to start by creating an account, a process which is fairly simple. What follows is more work.

Create Optimized Content

Keywords are essential in search engine optimization. All content needs to be keyword-optimized. What keywords you use depends on your niche. It is tempting to choose popular keywords, but also look at how many competitors are using these keywords. Once you have identified the most favorable keywords, begin producing content around them, making sure you keep keyword density low, ideally around 2%.

Create content that is worth reading.

It all boils down to creating good content. At this point, so many articles have been hurled in the internet, so even your new article may no longer have fresh ideas. When writing something new, survey the internet for similar articles. Don’t write something that reads like a rehashed version of other published articles.

The best way to get the attention of readers is to first come up with eye-catching title and intrigue them with your introduction. Then provide information that tackles today’s issues in your niche. It’s tempting to promote your business on Squidoo, but do so with caution. People usually shy away from promotional gimmicks thrown in their direction.

Breaking down your articles in different sections is ideal. Online readers usually just skim through content and get main ideas by reading headings and subheadings. Make readers know what your article is about at first glance. Also, use photos to break articles. Photos illustrate your point further.

Businesses aiming at getting targeted website traffic through Squidoo should produce valuable content for their prospective consumers.

Take people to your website.

The usefulness of Squidoo does not end at simply publishing your content. The article hosting site allows users to put links to their landing pages, eventually sending targeted website traffic. Of course, you don’t get to see the benefits right away, but you just wait and build more lenses regularly. The more content with backlinks you have online, the more you can get website visitors. More relevant content on sites with high page rank increases your site’s relevance and ranking too.

Promote your Squidoo pages.

Exhaust different ways to promote your Squidoo articles. Promoting your articles is also indirectly promoting yourself online to get more traffic. This is why it is also necessary to build social media accounts, so you may share your content to different venues on the internet. Update your Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, or GooglePlus accounts with fresh blog posts and Squidoo pages.

Display multimedia.

Pictures, videos, and audio recordings reinforce your content. Do not just limit yourself to writing text. People stay longer on a page with pictures and videos than on another one with just plain text. Exploit the inter-connectivity between your properties online. For instance, use Squidoo to explain your video on YouTube.

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