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In these days, one of the most interesting social media sites is StumbleUpon which is said, by experts, the adversary of Facebook. This site allows its user to discover web pages, articles, images, and other types of content as well as to vote on the content suggestions. Just a simple sign up needed to be a ‘stumbler’. The further scope is to promote any website with a chance of getting engaged with other social media channels with an addition of catching targeted traffic.

targeted-website-traffic-stumbleuponOne of the most interesting social media sites on the internet right now is StumbleUpon, and you probably have heard about it but failed to grasp its relevance on your traffic generation campaign. Its influence in generating good website traffic is immense. Experts say it rivals Facebook and may even have surpassed it in terms of number of referrals (not number of members).

Become a Stumbler

The first thing you have to do is register an account on the site. When you register to the site, you become a stumbler, and that means you will be able to discover web pages. This particular social network shall deliver content depending on your interests. You are given the freedom to vote whether you like the content suggestions or not. The more you stumble (discover) and approve web pages and content, the more accurate the suggestions will be. Other stumblers will get to know you better by checking out what content you stumble upon. This is why the next step is important.

Follow Similar Stumblers

StumbleUpon groups users into different clusters. Each cluster is a group of users who have similar interests. It takes a while for the social network to put you in the right category and provide you with more accurate suggestions based on what you frequently stumble and vote. At the same time, there is a greater likelihood that more people will stumble on your content, increasing chances of getting targeted traffic.

Some of these people may share your content—that’s if your content is good and unique in the first place. So, the basic principles of engaging your audience apply here. StumbleUpon helps you achieve your goals a little faster, just as most social media channels do. The principle is the same—you have to be with people in your niche. Otherwise all your efforts are futile.

Lay Down the Egotism

Some people think it’s best to promote oneself over and over. This is possibly the best (or worst) way to annoy people in your community. Relentless self-promotion can be detrimental to your campaign. You cannot keep on promoting your own blogs or content because you will quickly run out of things to promote. So, the alternative is to share someone else’s stuff. Be careful when doing this because you don’t want to endorse your competitor by giving them free advertising. Make sure you share related content from other blogs or stumblers.

Monitor What Stumblers Like

When sharing content or images or videos, monitor which of them get most votes and shares. This way, you will figure out in the future what you should share. This is also a great way to plan what content to produce in the future and to make sure you get decent social media traffic, which also translates to site traffic.

Bolster Other Social Media Marketing Strategies

Using social media in promoting your business should be an interactive undertaking not only in the sense of making two-way communication with followers but also in engaging your other social media channels. This is the only way to increase the chances of success of your social media campaigns. So if you want to promote your website, you should do it on all your available social networks online and you should connect these networks.

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