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The most ingenious creation and one the most popular mobile apps is Twitter Vine which allows its users to create a short video or snippet of a longer video to represent their products or website. This app can generate more traffic if the video is created properly. To get the expected viewers there is needed a proper video which includes – introduction of the company, a short brief of the products and inspirational speeches to the product users. A snippet of a successful event or longer videos can bring the result and all of these can be done easily with the use of Twitter Vine. It’s also important to be associated with the followers during important events and stay connected with them by giving regular feedback.

twittervineTwitter Vine is one of the most talked about mobile app, and many people are using this app, including those who want to promote their business. How can this ingenious creation help you get more traffic?

  1. Introduce your company – Instead of creating a page filled with words about your company, you can create a video snippet that talks about your company in less than a minute. People prefer watching videos to reading text because they get an impression that you’re talking directly to them. That’s what Vine can do for you. You can introduce them to your website. If your pitch is right, you might just take viewers to your site and generate targeted traffic. It doesn’t get any more complicated than that.
  2. Brag your product even more – Who said you can’t get too promotional? You can, but do it cleverly. Pictures can introduce your product to your audience, but a short video clip may just do the trick better. Don’t just put a 5-second static video of your products. Instead, show people briefly what your product does or when to use it.
  3. Encourage your happy customers to post their own Vine videos using your products – Nothing is more effective in convincing the rest of the consumers than making our own customers post their success stories with your products. Let them post snippets of how your products have been useful to them. Also, encourage them to post reviews or how-to guides for other people to see.
  4. Let a short video show a fun moment at work – People like seeing laughter or a silly moment at work. Take your customers to your inner business world and let them see how you are really like other people, who can get silly even at the right moment.
  5. Show a snippet of a successful event – You can upload an album full of photos on Facebook, but you can also upload a short video of an event highlight. Show people how interactive your business can get and how you provide goodies aside from your products. Because the video is too short, it will create curiosity and encourage people to learn more about what happened.
  6. Put a snippet of a longer video – This works in many ways. You can use this strategy to lure people to a longer video on YouTube or to a page on your website where the whole video is posted. Make sure you post a clever tweet to entice people to watch the short snippet and click on the link. Doesn’t this seem an ingenious way to get website traffic?
  7. Start a conversation – A short video of you talking to your audience is better than a sentence of text. A plain text is devoid of facial expressions and emotion cues. A video of you talking right in front of them is more compelling. You might just get more responses this way.
  8. Be with your followers during important events – We are social animals, and we like it when people connect with us during key moments. Successful businesses connect with their audience during holidays. You don’t have to ask them to buy your products. Instead, a short greeting in a video can work wonders. It makes you feel involved. It makes you one with your consumers. It makes you visible.RelatedArticles Worth Reading: (Drive Traffic to your Website with Twitter Vine Marketing)

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