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More people are using Twitter just to express themselves, and business owners, too, have exploited this popular social networking site. Marketers see a lot of marketing and website traffic generation opportunities on it. The best thing about Twitter is it only gives you 140 characters, so you have to be really concise and creative when drafting your message. Short, witty messages intrigue people.

Start with a strong account profile.

twitterThis is not a personal account you’re doing, but an account for your business. Put the name of your business, its location, and website on your profile. Every now and then you will get followers clicking on your profile to find out about you. Make sure it looks professional and well laid out.

Treat your first follower’s right.

It’s good to start right, because once you annoy some of your followers, they will unfollow you, and your first attempts at generating website traffic via social media are screwed up. Don’t tweet nonsense. Tweet interesting events and updates only. Respond to people who respond to your tweets. Don’t attack critics. Listen to everyone.

Tweet daily and smartly.

Find something interesting to tweet. Search online for news related to your product or brand. Tweeting regularly makes you visible. Your followers would know you are up and about. Talk about how you can help people in brief. Be smart. Do not sell products or services upfront, because this will annoy them. Share instructional videos. Share articles and news items that are worth reading.

Share new and old blog posts.

Sharing your blog posts on social media sites helps them gain more views. But don’t just tweet the title of your post. Instead say a thought-provoking line that will make your followers want to click the link. In other words, introduce your blog post briefly and cleverly to stimulate people to want to read it. Look at how popular companies with thousands of followers write their tweets. Get cues. By sharing your new blog article, you are giving your audience fresh content and you are getting more targeted traffic to your site.

Don’t ignore your old articles. At some point, they may become timely. At some point, you may need to share them again to remind your audience about old tips or to take readers back to an article related to the current one.

Ask questions.

Seeking the opinion of your followers makes them feel involved. This easily creates a discussion and makes your tweet sensational. Ask a question about a topic related to your business or services. This works in a number of ways. One, you get people to interact with you. Second, you get the pulse of your audience. You determine their needs and attitudes towards certain issues. In other words, you get to know them better. Perhaps most importantly, your popularity on Twitter increases and you get more website traffic.

Exploit hashtags.

Hashtags are not just fads used teens that constantly tweet about Taylor Swift. They are also useful tools for business owners and organizations launching online campaign. Use hashtags in several ways. Use them to start online discussion between you and your followers. Use them to launch a campaign among your audience. This is only effective if you have already fostered rapport with your followers.

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