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With more than 65 million visitors, eHow has become a popular article directory which is very helpful to drive targeted traffic to the marketed website. Before posting any article, there’s just needed some customization according to eHow standards like – writing SEO content, avoiding plagiarism, using a ‘how-to’ title. The submitted article needs to follow the specific format set by eHow. So with eHow, a well construction of an article can generate targeted traffic with quality backlinks.

ehowSubmitting articles to article directories can immensely increase your website traffic. is a very popular article site where you can information on any topic you need. You can use it to make your content visible to others as well. The website has more than 65 million monthly visitors which mean that it can provide a lot of exposure to your articles and lead people back to your website to get targeted website traffic. You need to customize the articles according to eHow standards to post them to the website. Some tips and suggestions regarding the use of website to drive more traffic to your website are mentioned below.

Write SEO content

SEO plays an important role in marketing a website. Not only your content needs to be informative but also it should follow the guidelines as set by Google in order to make it visible in the search engine results. Make sure the articles you produce have proper keyword density so that they can appear in the results if someone enters the relevant keywords. It will help drive targeted traffic to your website.

Avoid plagiarism

With the launch of Google Panda update, not only the website’s ranking goes down if plagiarized content is found but also there is a chance that the website’ ratings may never rise again. The articles should be original and authentic. The content should be written in an engaging manner and should not be copied from anywhere. Plagiarism is a serious crime and must be avoided. Instead of copying others’ ideas, be creative and write something that you think will attract your target market. You can build a strong image by providing quality articles.

Customize your articles

The problem with eHow is that you cannot simply use your normal articles. The website has a specific format that needs to be followed. You need to keep that in mind when creating the articles. The articles you post on eHow have to follow the ‘how-to’ format. The body of the article won’t need many changes but you will need to split it into points for a better look. A well-constructed article will help generate targeted traffic for your site.

Use a ‘how-to’ title

The title of the article should start with how-to and proceed with what it is that you can add to people’s knowledge. The website is unique in this regard that all the title start with how-to. So whenever you have a new article to post, pick a catchy how-to title for it. The title should include relevant keywords to make sure that it pops up in the search results, otherwise all your effort will be in vain.

Use eHow for quality backlinks

When we post our articles on a directory, it provides us backlinks which can improve the website’s rating. The website eHow has millions of viewers which make it a potential option for providing backlinks to make your website strong. By posting your content on eHow, you can get quality backlinks for your website. The more backlinks you are able to get, more will be the targeted traffic you generate.

Article marketing is very effective in generating thousands of targeted visitors in a few weeks. It may take more time than that to publicize your content among the masses but once it is able to bring your website in lime light, the effect stays for long. The best way to drive targeted traffic to your website is to create quality articles that are free from grammatical errors and spelling mistakes. It makes you look focused on the subject and your audience will take your word. It will help you generate a lot of website traffic.

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