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A very effective way and one of the tricky methods is using press releases for marketing any business website. Some strategies are required to follow which are to choose worthy news, to talk about the special events and to submit to high PR websites. For a release submission, there’s also needed keyword research and following proper format for writing content. Free keyword tools of Google or MSN can help for the right keywords that is very effective on search results.

Press-Release-Icon-250The key to a successful business website is to make it easy to access and to increase its ranking in the search results so that it can be discovered by the people from its target market. Proper marketing strategies need to be improvised to make the website successful. One of the effective ways of publicizing a website is through press releases. Marketing a website through a press release is a little tricky. The writing format is different and the submission platform needs to be chosen properly. Here are some tips on how to write a press release for website marketing purposes and where to submit it fir promising results.

Research your keywords for the press release

On the internet you can find paid and free tools for keyword research. You can use the free keyword tools of Google and MSN to look for the right keywords that match your news that you are going to announce in the press release. Target the keyword phrases in the press release. It will help in making it more discoverable and will drive more traffic to your website.

 Choose worthy news for the press release

Make sure that the press release contains some high level news about you website or your business so that it can gain attention in the target market. If you submit a press release about every little dwindling, the readers will lose interest and your press releases won’t be able to attract any more readers. Wait for something worthwhile to happen, or make something worthwhile happen so that you can submit a press release about it to get targeted traffic.

Follow a proper format

Focus on your keywords and create a sizzling title around it for the press release. Choose your words carefully and write in an engaging manner that excites the people about the products and services. It will make them want to check out your website and hence you’ll get website traffic. Add teasers and make the press release look enticing. The content should be ideally between 300-500 words but it’s not a strict rule. And most importantly do not forget to add a link to your website in the press release. It will drive more traffic to your website.

Talk about the special events

If your company participates in an industry trade-show or some competition, talk about it in your press release. It will make the company look credible and people will visit your website. You can also submit a press release about an upcoming event that is going to be celebrated by the company. If there is a sale on the website, make it the center of the press release. These are the topics that people want to hear about. Submitting such press releases will drive more traffic to your website.

Submit to a high PR website

When your press release is ready for submission, you need to find a website where you can submit it so that it can be shown in Google search results. A number of press release directories offer free submission. You can your press release there and wait for the magic to work. However sometimes the free directories don’t do much good, in that case, you need to look for directories which charge a little for press release. Usually the charges for a press release range from $1 to $25. The paid websites can provide more exposure to your press release and deliver results, generating targeted traffic for you.

By releasing a press release you can stop worrying about building website traffic. Internet press release is pretty inexpensive but they can still do wonders. A press release is the ideal solution for an invisible website. These are easy to create and if you follow the above tips, you can see that press releases provide a lot of exposure to websites and offer backlinks as well.

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