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In order to get more traffic in a website without paying to ad companies, it’s one of the most effective ways to use Reddit which has millions of users and over 2 billion views per month. Promoting websites in Reddit brings expected results within a couple of months and the effect is long lasting. It’s wise to create an account with your name or under your website name to avoid to be considered as a spammer. To post attractive content and using Subreddits, which holds over 20,000 users, can make a heavy flow of traffic to the targeted website.

reddit-logo2Social media websites are now a potential source of targeted traffic for websites. Reddit has expanded over the past couple of years and the website has now millions of users. The website’s ranking has increased rapidly and businesses are flowing towards it for free marketing. I have used it for website marketing and the results were promising. The figures increase over a period of couple of months but the effect is long lasting. The monthly views of this website are increasing rapidly which is very promising for new business owners and entrepreneurs as they can direct this stream of traffic to their websites.  Here are some tips that prove to be very effective for marketing by using Reddit.

Create a legit account

Some people post publicity content anonymously but it is marked as spam and doesn’t usually help in getting targeted traffic. The best way to employ Reddit is to create a user account in your name or under your website’s name. It helps in making it look more credible and authentic so that people won’t take it as spam. Be yourself when you market your content and let people know you so that they can trust your advice and recommendations for products and services.

Post attractive content

People are attracted towards beauty so do not just post boring articles that stick to the point and focus on the technicalities. Take a light approach and write in a soft manner to make the people feel welcome. Write in a charming way and use your sense of humor to make the content appealing. You can use info graphics to prove your point. It attracts more people because it provides the information in an easy to comprehend manner. A comprehensive analysis of the facts and figures displayed in the form of info graphic can increase your credibility and drive more people to your Reddit, and then you can lead them to your website.

Also posting images and videos has a positive effect. People are more likely to click on a video than a simple article. You can exploit it to get website traffic. Even plain stuff can get more traffic if it is presented in the form of a video. Not only this, you can add drawings and comics to your Reddit to make it more appealing. People are attracted towards funny content so use this fact to get targeted traffic for your website to make more business.

Effectively use Subreddits

One of the benefits of using Reddit is that you can post your content in broader categories. You don’t need to use tags to limit the discoverability of your work. Use a Subreddit that has over at least 20,000 users, it will make your content available to the general lot. By posting it in one of the broader categories, you increase your chances of getting website traffic. Most commonly used Subreddits include TIL (Today I Learned), IAMA (I am a) and Ask Reddit. You can use these to bring your content into the lime light and get a stream of targeted traffic for your website.

Reddit has over 2 billion views per month and this heavy flow if traffic can be directed to other websites and blogs. By following the above guidelines, you can get more traffic for your website without paying for ad campaigns. The increasing popularity of this site is making it an effective tool for business marketing and it’s about time the small industries and online business professionals turn to Reddit to get their share of website traffic. The above techniques can effectively bring traffic from it to websites for more sale and exposure in the target market to help the business flourish.

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