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One of the most visited social media websites having a large number everyday visitor is Tumblr. It’s the most effective and a great platform for micro blogging which plays very important role in driving more traffic by ranking up your website. There needed just some requirements to post in Tumblr such as – choosing right keywords, creating Tumblr blog, keeping it updated and adding proper tags to the post. A little technique is to customize the blog to make more attractive. Plain website brings less traffic whereas websites with better look containing convenient background and attractive content brings more.

tumblrA little effort is required to get targeted website traffic. Tumblr is one of the popular micro-blogging platforms. The websites has a large number of users who visit every day. Being one of the most visited social media websites, it can help boost up your website’s traffic. Tumblr plays an important role in ranking up your website in search engine results by publicizing it to a wider market. It is ranked as one of the top 30 most visited websites and that can assist your website in making its way up. Below you can see how you can use Tumblr to drive targeted traffic to your website.

Decide your keywords

The first thing you need to worry about is the set of keywords that can make your content visible to someone who is looking for it. You can use online tools that will help you in choosing the right keywords to help you get more traffic to your website. Spend some time choosing your keywords so that you can customize your content according on your Tumblr blog.

Create your Tumblr blog

Now that you have got the list of optimized keywords, employ them and create a Tumblr blog for your website. Use the keywords in the blog title so that it pops up in search results every time someone enters the relevant keywords. You can use your Tumblr account to create more than one blogs for your website. Use a different set of keywords for different blog so that the viewer gets relevant blogs for every related search.

Keep your blog updated

Don’t just create the blog and disappear. People don’t like to visit a dead blog. Update the posts and write about the new products, the techniques you employ and the services you offer. Also include information about the products and their use and benefits in daily life. Adding new content regularly will make it popular among users who visit often. Do not just stay focused on your main topic, to get more traffic; you can add posts about trending topics as well. This way when people check out the blog for those posts, they will come across the content that you are marketing and hence you will have more website traffic.

Add proper tags to your posts

One very important thing about Tumblr and other such blogging sites is that the content needs to have proper tags. When you post an article or a picture, make sure you add relevant tags to it. It will help it make visible to the target market if anyone enters a related tag for the search. Tag your content properly so that it can be discovered easily on the internet among the targeted traffic.

Customize your blog

To make it look more attractive, you need to customize your blog. Plain websites tend to get less traffic. To get more website traffic, customize the theme of your blog and choose one that brings out your content. Also you can add background pictures and quotes for articles to give them a better look. How you display your content plays an important part in selling it as people are intended to stick to a well managed blog with a neat theme.

By employing the above techniques, you can create an attractive Tumblr blog to gather targeted traffic for your website. If you follow the rules and keep your blog updated, people will visit more often and they will be inclined towards the products and services that you market. This way you can make good business without costing you a penny for the publicity in the target market.

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