Targeted Website Traffic with Yahoo Answers

Yahoo Answers is one of the most useful platforms for getting targeted traffic with quality backlink. It’s done by simply answering the questions related to different topics and the backlinks are placed with the answer. There are huge questions which can be found by searching with keywords as the same way that people searches anything online. So this is just not only to answer the questions to solve people’s problems but also to generate targeted traffic by back linking the targeted website.

yahoo-answers-logoTargeted traffic is the key to a successful website. Different agendas can be used to drive more traffic to your website for a long term successful business. You can even use simple websites and forums for internet marketing. Yahoo Answers is a simple questions and answers site but it can be used for a lot more than that. The site covers a wide range of topics which gives you the opportunity to use it as a leverage to increase the targeted traffic for your website and earn a large number of website visitors. Here’s how you can use it to get free website traffic.

Targeted keywords

The questions on this website are created in a keyword oriented way, the same way people like to search them online. If an interested user gets access to these questions, he would read all the answers to get some help. If the questions are related to your work and your website, you can submit a meaningful answer that satisfies the asker and leave your website’ address with it for them if they want more information. It will help you drive more traffic to your website.

Authority building

On Yahoo Answers when people find something that satisfies them, they think of the person who wrote it as an expert on the topic. If you leave a thoughtful comment that explains their concern and also leave the website address for them to get to you if they need more information, they will like you can respect you. You’ll be considered as knowledgeable and experienced on the matter and it will help you build a strong image. Once you establish yourself as a reliable source, people will love to visit your website or blog to learn more from you and hence you’ll have more website traffic.

Quality backlinks

When answering a question on Yahoo Answers, you can leave either the link to your website or one to your public profile to build authority on the internet. It will make you look like a credible source and you’ll have the power to drive more traffic to your website by using your words. Every time you use your website’s link in the answers, it will link it back to your website, hence providing you with quality backlinks, increasing your website’ web ranking and making it easily discoverable in the target market to get you your rightful share of website traffic.

Get ideas for hot topics

People post questions about things they don’t understand and want to learn about. Even if you don’t comment very often on Yahoo Answers, you can take some time to read the questions coming from your target market. It will help you understand what exactly the users want and what their concerns are about the products or the services. It can help you choose hot topics for articles and you can share your words of wisdom and your knowledge with them on your website and other social media sites to reach out to the customers and hand them what they want.

Yahoo Answers ranks very well in the search engine rankings, which makes the posted questions easily discoverable to those who want answers. This public forum can be used not only to provide relevant information to the general lot but also to generate targeted traffic by sharing your thoughtful response in the answers. It will help you build an authority image and your word will influence people to check out your website for more details and information of the topic. You spend half an hour per day, 2-3 days a week to post answers on Yahoo Answers and your website traffic will increase in a matter of weeks.

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