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In generating targeted traffic, a much more effective way is to use Signature which is not just a form of identification but a trick to attract people and enticing them to click on the website. It helps to gain targeted visibility online and to straighten online campaign for accomplishing the goal. Making an effective signature includes combining it with contact info and homepage link, showing the people to the website blog and promoting upcoming events by modifying the autograph. To make the marketing more effective, it’s also recommended to connect the blog with social media networks like Facebook and Twitter pages and to promote links to YouTube product demos.

targeted-website-traffic-your-signatureA lot of marketers don’t have good ideas about using their signatures to attract people. In the online marketing arena, your signature is not just a form of identification. It’s also an exclamation, calling people’s attention and enticing them to click to your website. You can actually tweak your signature to make it much more effective in generating targeted traffic.

Many people launching their businesses online have been using their signature on their blogs or social media accounts, but they can really make use of improved signatures to strengthen their online campaign and gain more attention. Even that small detail can be modified into a promotional element on any web page. Spreading brand awareness is vital to anyone’s business today. With so many businesses doing the same thing, it’s crucial to be out there to be alongside competitive brands. And using a signature is just one way to accomplish this goal.

What can you include in your signature?

Contact Info

Many businessmen put their email addresses, Skype IDs, and company phone numbers in their signatures. This information does not necessarily help in driving people to your website, but it’s just as necessary. Some of your consumers may feel the need to contact you for specific inquiries and questions and quick responses. Do not give your personal phone numbers or email addresses.

Homepage Link

On most occasions, it’s safe to just include your website in signatures. Readers will know right away how to get to know about your business. Depending on your domain name, your readers will quickly identify what kind of business you are in. You generate targeted traffic by providing a link to your website.


Many people would rather see your blog than your website because they want information in form of advice, tips, instructions, reviews, and news articles—which are usually not items you find on websites. People first want to know your reputation, and your reputation is based on the kind of content you give your audience. How would you take your prospective audience to your content venues? One way is through showing them a link to your blog, and an email signature is one perfect instrument for that.

Facebook and Twitter Pages

People want to connect with you via social channels online. Hence, it’s recommended to include your accounts on social networks. The question is whether to give your personal Facebook or Twitter pages too. While some businessmen don’t do this, others do. It worked for them most probably because it allowed their prospective customers to see them on a personal aspect. However, your corporate social media channels should suffice your social media marketing approaches. And if you are giving away such pages, make sure you have something relevant to show your would-be consumers.


At some points, you will have to modify your autograph for the purposes of promoting an upcoming event. This will increase the members that will attend the event. That event should be featured on your blog and social media channels.


Occasionally you may also have to promote links to YouTube product demos and how-to instructions. Or you can include a link to an ebook or webinar or a press release.

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