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The second largest search engine, gathering around one billion viewers every day, is YouTube. The strategy of catching huge traffic for the targeted website includes creating a YouTube channel. Creating an interesting video with a clever title, appropriate description which illustrates the website to represent it to viewers and uploading this video to YouTube with an addition of a link to the website can easily drive people to the targeted website. As it’s the most popular video sharing website on the planet, targeted traffic can be acquired easily as the people are more interested on videos rather than to read details.

Using YouTube to Represent Your Website

YOUTUBEEECreating a YouTube channel for your website is an essential online marketing strategy. If you set up your channel right, you can generate tremendous traffic on your videos and in turn you will direct targeted traffic to your website. The first thing to keep in mind is making your videos more visible on YouTube and Google so that people can easily look you up.

The first thing to do is look at your channel and ask yourself whether it has the elements that will interest viewers. Will my channel make visitors want to click on my videos? Or will they just click away? How can I describe myself that will make visitors interested in me? Does my channel give justice to what my website is?

Creating Interesting Videos

Before you can think of seeing skyrocketing number of views on your videos, think of how you can come up with interesting videos that are related to the kind of business you are doing. You have to make sure that your videos are worth viewing and are getting views for the right reasons. It is easy to create a hoax to get a million views, but such deceit easily ruins your reputation online.

People like interesting, helpful, and informative videos. Many companies that promote their products on YouTube do so by providing them demos and how-to guides. If you sell cleaning products, you may create videos on how to remove kitchen counter-top stains or how to spot clean carpets. When you create a video, ask yourself whether people would want to watch it. What does it have to offer? Will people share my video to their own blogs or social media accounts? Will viewers like this video? These are vital questions.

Optimizing the Title and Description

Now it’s time to tell search engines about your video. Because if you want people to actually see your video, you have to make sure the search engines “see” your videos first. To get more traffic to your videos, you have to optimize their metadata, which includes the title, description, and tags. Metadata informs both the viewers and the search engines what your video is all about. If you are too lazy to think of an attention-catching title, write an appropriate description, and include related tags, then watch your video get meager views. YouTube videos that get scarce views are almost useless in generating targeted traffic to your website.

When optimizing the metadata, think of keywords that people may use when looking for videos similar to yours. Do your keyword research. Look for related phrases or words that people frequently use. Use them in your title. Think of a clever title. As for the description, it should appropriately describe the video content. In the description, add a link to your website.

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