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In online marketing strategy, one crucial key to the success is driving website traffic. Rather than to follow the costly trend of hiring SEOs or internet marketers there are some other effective ways to do this job. These strategies include being on social medias, writing regularly to the target audience, making video demos and how to guides, creating loyal readers, posting comments and answering questions on Yahoo! Answers. So the owners of businesses or websites who want to compete successfully in online marketing as well as to gather expected traffic must follow these tactics.

One: Be on social media.

products-wwwIt seems everyone is on Facebook, Twitter, GooglePlus, and YouTube these days. In fact, people are spending more time on social media than on other places on the Internet. For website owners who wish to get more visitors, this means one thing. Leveraging the power of social media for website traffic generation remains one of the most powerful strategies today. So, instead of posting endless selfies on Facebook, start thinking about building your Facebook business portal, which will eventually drive web traffic to you site.

Two: Write to your target audience.

Building content on the web is so much different than writing a college essay for your professor. There’s no room for too much formality. In fact, your online readers or would-be customers wish you to sound cool and colloquial and friendly. Content isn’t just text found on your website. Readers look for valuable information online, and your website is probably almost devoid of helpful content apart from your clever homepage write-ups and product descriptions. Set up a blog, and post relevant content regularly. Be an expert in your field, and you’ll get website visitors once you have established your reputation. It takes a while, so hold on.

Three: Make video demos and how-to guides.

People prefer watching a video to reading text. One of the most effective things to sell your expertise to targeted audience is by recording a how-to guide. You don’t have to explicitly promote your products, but you can teach people when and how to use them. Identify situations when your products or services could be most useful. Not only is this a great way to establish your reputation but also is this a great way to introduce your brand to the people. Make sure to put an appropriate title, word the description cleverly, and add the right tags. End your video by asking people to go to your site (for more info).

Four: Create loyal readers.

Make sure visitors come back by asking them to subscribe to your regular newsletter. People will be willing to get future updates and read future posts if you provide them with reliable content now. Giving them an option to subscribe to your newsletters allows them to get back to your website easily in the future. The alternative is to look you up online, but most readers don’t have a knack for remembering website links.

Five: Post comments and answer questions.

The Internet offers endless ways for you to get people to your website. Look for questions posted on Yahoo! Answers, for instance, regarding topics within your niche. Answer the questions as professionally and expertly as possible, and don’t forget to include a link to your website. Also, survey blogs related to yours and post relevant comments (not sales pitch). This is one sure way to drive website traffic from different sources.

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